Nest Thermostat
- Saves energy
- Control air conditioner all the time
Indoor air quality
- improve indoor air quality
- reduces bacteria
- removes dust from the air
Air Conditioner
- Energy saving
- Improve indoor air quality
Daikin Mini Split
- Energy saving
- Improve indoor air quality
- Prevent Hot spots
Home insulation
(roof installation of materials)
- Energy saving
- improve indoor temperature
- Moisture resistant
Water Heater
- Energy saving
- Improve water quality
Exhaust Fan
- Reduces humidity
- Saves energy
- Improve indoor air quality
that most of the energy in your house is consumed by your major house system such as your water heater and AC? And as those systems get older, energy consumption is increasing
that your major house systems (water heater, AC) represent 70% of your electric bill?
that by replacing your water heater system you can improve the hot water quality which you are using daily for shower, laundry, cooking, etc. and save energy and money on your electric bill
that by replacing your Air system you can improve your indoor air quality, prevent contaminates and improve the health of you and your family. You will also save energy and save on your electric monthly bill
New hybrid water heater
New Air conditioner system
Home insulation
Smart thermostat
Indoor air quality systems
Air ventilation systems
Water purification systems

benefits of eco friendly home

Air conditioner
Save up to 35% of your electric bill
Control your humidity in your home
Program and control form anywhere
Water heater
Save up to 30% of your electric bill
Improve your water quality in your home
Control your water temperature from anywhere
Home Insulation
Keep your home cooler all year around
Reduce the humidity in your home
Reduce your energy bill
Nest learning thermostat
Save your energy up to 15%
Control your AC from anywhere
The thermostat is the program itself
Indoor air quality
Keep your indoor air free from allergens
Keeping your home free from dust mites, mold ,bacteria, pollen ,pot tender
Keep your home free from contaminants, air borne particulates
Improving your indoor air breeding
Water purification system
Remove 99% of all known contaminants from your drinking water
Removes toxic , metals chemicals, virus , from your drinking water

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