Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System
Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System
Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System
Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System
Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System

Bluewater Cleone Classic Water Purification System

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One Green Solution never takes water for granted:

It’s only natural for you to want to give your family the best things in life. From the moment we are born until we reach old age, water sustains us. Water fuels our bodies, keeps our minds alert, ensures our muscles are supple and joints lubricated, pushes out toxins, and keeps our skin and eyes sparkling. That’s why Bluewater was invented, and One Green Solution is proud to provide product and installation services – to bring you a cleaner, healthier water as pristine as nature intended directly from your tap.

Your tap water is treated with a host of chemicals to kill unhealthy bacteria and other microorganisms, but trace compounds like chlorine remain. Chlorinated water can smell and taste bad. Worse, some studies have linked it to bladder, rectal and breast cancers. In cities around the world, water delivery systems are aging with pipes rusting, cracking and leaking. By the time water reaches a tap, it may be contaminated.

Superior second-generation reverse osmosis Bluewater delivers a groundbreaking patented water purification system called SuperiorOsmosis™. This technology delivers the highest level of purification, best-in-class water flow, and dramatically slashing the water wastage common to traditional reverse osmosis technology.

The Bluewater Cleone Classic generates over 60% purified water with less than 40% water being sent to the drain, for example. Bluewater’s SuperiorOsmosis™ technology recirculates the water inside the unit and continuously washes the membrane to increase both filtration efficiency and life span. SuperiorOsmosis™ removes 99% of all known contaminants, including toxic metals, chemicals, viruses, and micro-organic substances down to 0.0001 micron.

This system was designed with your family and your health in mind while delivering a system that fits your aesthetic needs.

The Bluewater Cleone Classic is a robust and compact, contemporary point-of-use water purifier that helps homeowners create their own near-endless source of pure water for cooking, washing, and drinking. The Bluewater Cleone Classic delivers a new dimension to generating cleaner, healthier water in home environments by improving the entire drinking experience, from tabletop water served to family members, creating crystal clean ice, showering or washing the dishes.

One Green Solution and Bluewater Group have teamed up to deliver pure, clean, healthy water for you and your loved ones. As a certified distributor and installer, One Green Solution will help you every step of the way in making sure your system is installed correctly and ready to deliver purified water like no one else.


One Green Solution will Install the Cleone system in accordance with local regulations.

If the Cleone is connected to a public water supply, the system shall be protected against backflow.

Installation includes the following services:

  • Prep the installation area and surfaces (clean water faucet / system placement / wiring / connect public water supply)
  • Install Clean Water Faucet (surface prep / cuts / post-install finishing touches)
  • Install Water Feed Connection
  • Install Drain Water Connection
  • Install Clean Water Tank
  • Connect System Tubing
  • Secure Water Connectors
  • Install Power Adapter
  • System Flush
  • End User Use and Maintenance Instructions